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  • Will

    • You need this document to name your executor and your guardian for your minor children. You can name people to take care of your online and social media accounts. If you have special needs children or pets or charities you want to support, you can take care of it all in your will.

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  • Power of Attorney

    • This important document lets you authorize someone to take care of your financial affairs when you are unable to do so. You might be out of the country or incapacitated, either for a short or long period of time.

  • Advance Health Care Directive

    • This document lets you tell your doctor and others whether or not you want them to use extraordinary measures to keep you alive. It also lets you name someone to make health care decisions for you when you can't.

Name your children's guardian

You should be the one who decides who's going to take care of your children, not some judge who knows nothing about your family. Don't take a chance on letting this go to court.

Online and social media accounts

When so much of our lives or online, make sure you have named someone you trust to take care of all of your online and social media accounts if something happens to you.

Special needs children

Many of our children will become dependent on needs-based governmental programs. An inheritance will often make them ineligible for future benefits. You can keep them eligible and still provide for extra items if you plan properly with this Will.

Pet trusts

Have you thought about who would take care of your pets if something happened to you? You can provide for their complete care with this Will.

Price for all of this planning and protection:

$180 per couple (CLEANWATER4DR  will receive $80)

$100 for an individual (CLEANWATER4DR  will receive $40)

All documents will be emailed to you within 24 - 48 hours after completion. There is an option for a six-month no-interest payment plan at check-out.

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This division of The Gift of Planning gives over 40% of its profits to schools and charitable organizations. We have raised and donated thousands of dollars to worthy causes.